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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Urgent Openings for Fabrication Fitter / Pipe Fitter - Manufacturing Company @ Hyderabad

Dear Job Seekers,
Greetings from BVR Solutions,
Required below positions for manufacturing company located in Hyderabad
1)    Fabrication Fitter - 2-8yrs
2)    Pipe Fitter - 2-8yrs
Fabrication Fitter Responsibilities
·         Analyzing the blueprints for mechanical systems to determine the specifications of the components to be constructed.
·         Constructing structural components from raw materials.
·         Using welding equipment to fuse structural components.
·         Inspecting fabricated components to ensure that they are the correct size.
·         Utilizing shears, power saws, cutting torches, and chipper knives to cut structural components as needed.
·         Creating a suitable maintenance schedule and performing system maintenance accordingly.
·         Conducting diagnostic testing on malfunctioning systems to determine the root cause of the malfunction.
·         Replacing damaged or defective structural components as needed.
·         Adhering to all work-site safety rules and regulations.

Pipe Fitter Responsibilities
·         Inspecting the workplace, clearing obstructions and preparing materials and equipment.
·         Studying blueprints and planning pipe systems and related equipment installations.
·         Using a variety of tools to modify pipes to specifications.
·         Measuring and marking pipes for cutting and threading.
·         Assembling and welding pipe components and systems.
·         Securing pipes to walls and fixtures with brackets, clamps, and welding equipment.
·         Ordering required materials such as pipes, hangars, brackets, hydraulic cylinders, etc.
·         Repairing and maintaining pipe systems, supports, and related equipment.
·         Clearing pipe systems of obstructions and testing their functionality.
·         Complying with relevant codes and regulatory standards.
·         High school ITI
·         Trade school education or apprenticeship.
Skills Required:
·         Meet state licensure requirements.
·         Proven experience as a Pipe Fitter.
·         Excellent mechanical and troubleshooting skills.
·         Ability to prioritize and maintain strong attention to detail.
·         Good communication and managerial skills.
·         Physical dexterity.
E-mail id: hr.bvr09@gmail.com.
Contact: 9121514444 | 8367563333 | 8185999958 | 7337227575
Shortlisted Candidates will get a call from HR 
Best Regards
M/s B V R Solutions

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